Faculty Senate with Real Power

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This is, of course, a specialized program demanding a high degree of expertise in a specific field. Nevertheless, this faculty senate has some teeth.

Very impressive.

James Pilant

Faculty Senate


An empowered community of scholars

As the governing body of the School of Nursing, the Faculty Senate serves as the formal instrument for the exercise of authority with respect to the educational, research, and practice affairs vested in the faculty by the Statutes of the Corporation.

The Faculty Senate sets policies for the selection of applicants and development and monitoring of admissions and progressions; setting regulations for instruction and requirements for degrees in course and faculty; setting of its own procedures for governance; and determining the composition of and qualifications for membership in the Faculty.

From Around the Web.

From the web site, Georgia Regents University, Nursing, Faculty Senate.


College of Nursing Faculty Senate

The purpose of the College of Nursing Faculty Senate is to facilitate involvement of members of the faculty and administration of the CON in: (1) communication and joint planning to achieve the goals of the CON at both Faculty Senate Meetings and through the existing committee structure, and (2) shared authority of decision-making and interdependent responsibility for the pursuit of excellence in the CON.

Functions of the CON Faculty Senate include:

  • decision-making and advisement in matters pertaining to faculty affairs.
  • decision-making related to the admissions, evaluation, promotion and graduation of students.
  • decision-making pertaining to the educational policies, programs, and curricula of the CON.
  • fostering an atmosphere conducive to the professional and personal development of faculty and students.
  • advising the administration on other matters pertinent to the CON.
  • developing and engaging in public service activities including but not limited to continuing education.

The voting members of the Faculty Senate include full-time and part-time
faculty greater than or equal to .5 FTE who hold academic
rank (instructor through professor).


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