First Post – Why

James Pilant

James Pilant

I have recently been elected as member of the faculty senate at the college where I teach. I decided to do research on what a faculty senate could do. There were hundreds perhaps thousands of faculty senate web pages but there was nothing, no blogs, that discussed these matters in general.

It seems to me that there should be a blog that talks about the common problems, the issues and the controversies that faculty governance is supposed to deal with.

This blog is designed to provide some news about what faculty senates are doing, both the wins and the losses. I also want to establish a place where model legislation can be posted for use by other faculty senates.

James Pilant

From Around the Web.

From the web site, Faculty Senate, Virginia Tech.

The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to create an effective faculty organization that can enter into partnership for shared responsibility and cooperative action between the faculty, administration, staff, and students in order to promote the general welfare of the university.


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