College Education Worthwhile After All?

i_410College Education Worthwhile After All?

A college education on the average gets you more earning potential while high school diplomas have gone down in value. Why have I been reading article after article telling people they should beware and think hard before going to college because very often it’s a bad call? They say the student load debt will get you or the job market will.

We live in a very difficult time where tuition goes up every year along with administrative salaries and new campus building projects. Jobs are hard to find, and that’s going to continue for for several years.

But a college education is still something which should be sought after. We are more effective people when educated and seasoned. College does a lot of the first and a little of the second.

James Pilant

The Economic Inequality Lurking Among The 99 Percent | ThinkProgress

Autor found dramatic growth in the earning potential of people who get a college degree, which rose 20 to 56 percent in the last 35 years, accompanied by a large decline in the value of a high school diploma, which fell 11 percent. The result is an earnings gap between the two groups that has grown four times greater than the income shift to the top 1 percent since the 1980s.

If the wealth gained by the top 1 percent between 1979 and 2012 was divided equally among the total population, each household would get around $7,100 each. But the gap in median earnings between households with high-school educated workers and college-educated ones has grown by $28,000 in the same period.

via The Economic Inequality Lurking Among The 99 Percent | ThinkProgress.

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From the web site, Justin Samson.

But we all know that the reasons why we choose to live on campus or go to an out-of-state school is because of the social experience. The type of university program does play a role in our decision-making; but for a 17 or 18-year-old, that young student feels the need to gain independence and control over his/her life. For the ambitious young student, he is dreaming big! It’s in our culture that we should go to the best universities because for decades we have been told that a college degree will give us a better chance of landing a ‘high-paying job.’ 

We’ve also been told that attending college is perfectly fine even if we have no idea what we want to do. To some extent, that is true because attending college can help young adults define their skills and discover new concepts that can shape their future. The question is, why is it difficult for college graduates to find a job? The answer is not necessarily because having a college degree hinders people in getting a job, but because so many college grads are entering the labor market at a time when there are few jobs.

What will it take for American students to finally get fed-up and protest? Well, if tuition rates continue to rise and jobs continue to diminish, don’t be surprised if students take to the streets. Also, don’t be surprised if we are not far removed from other countries like the United Kingdom (UK) for example. Two years ago, the world looked on as British students took to the streets with Molotov cocktails and smoke bombs to protest college tuition fee hikes. For all their gusto, the violence didn’t help keep fees at bay and a recent article in Good Education points to a growing trend of U.K. students flocking to comparatively cheap American universities.


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