My College Textbooks are Way Too Expensive…HELP!!

The Broke College Student Blog


College is already super expensive and once students get admitted and receive financial aid and scholarships they think the worst is over. Wrong! You still need to buy textbooks for certain classes in order to understand the material and do well in the class so you can gain credits. A recent CNN iReport states that the cost of textbooks in the U.S. for two semesters is $1,100 according to If you haven’t received a book voucher, taking out a loan for books and expenses can be tricky and costly in the long run. But before you decide to do that let me help you out.

Save the bookstore as a last result: College bookstores are infamously known for selling overpriced materials especially books. You can find a way better deal online or elsewhere. Sites like,,  and  are great resources that cut…

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