College Tuition – Not a Political Problem?

College Tuition – Not a Political Problem?

Thomas Frank » Harper’s Magazine »

Ordinarily, conservatives are willing to believe the absolute worst about the groves of academe. In their view, college is a gilded re-education camp, where innocent children of the entrepreneurial class are turned into brainwashed Maoist cadres, chanting slogans and grinding away the hours in a sexual frolic. The university’s scholarly departments, they believe, are filled with political extremists; its graduates are snobs; its concern with diversity is a form of censorship; its scientists tell lies in order to further the “global warming” power grab or prepare the ground for more stem-cell monkey business.

Academia’s pricing, however, is apparently A-OK. Nothing wrong here. Consumers shop around, they compare and contrast, and they get the best deal they can, reassured all the while by their awareness that competition works. Just don’t come whining to the government for help.

via Thomas Frank » Harper’s Magazine ».



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