Scrapping the Lecture OR Slapping me in the face over and over again because I love my job too much

Just like me!!



There’s increasing debate these days about the viability of the lecture as a viable pedagogic technique.  The Guardian published the following…

Now I’m a completely biased and unreliable commentator because giving lectures is the most fun thing I do, professionally speaking.  Any defence of the traditional lecture that I chose to offer would be irretrievably contaminated by the fact were lectures abolished I would be a considerably more miserable human being.

Now we’re told that there are lecturers who just read their notes out loud, oblivious to the people in the room.  If so, I’m sorry for it.  I don’t know any lecturers like  that.  We’re also told that lectures could be recorded and distributed electronically.  Oh, for sure they could.  But if I’m any good at all at my job it’s because I’ve learned how to react to students, because I can see their faces and assess their…

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