A Law Professor Grades the Vergara Decision: It Gets a B-


It should be crystal clear from my two previous posts (here and here)  on the topic that not only do I oppose the recent California Superior Court decision in Vergara v. California, which overturned California statutes guaranteeing “teacher tenure” and layoff by seniority for the state’s K-12 teachers, I have also questioned its legal rationale.  But I’m not an attorney, much less a legal authority.  Now, however, comes UCLA law professor Jonathan Zasloff who, in an interview with the online journal Salon, called the decision “a B- student’s opinion.”  The entire interview is well worth reading, but here’s the “money quote,” so to speak:

I was surprised by the ruling in one major way, which is that, for such a significant decision, it is really poorly reasoned. I can’t put it any other way. Whatever you happen to think of the outcome, either on a policy…

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