Disrupting Disruption

Network Schools - Wayne Gersen

Jill Lepore was named Truth Digger of the Week by the Truth Dig blog for an article she wrote in the June 23 edition of the New Yorker where she works as a staff writer. The article, The Disruption Machine: What the Gospel of innovation Gets Wrong deconstructs Clayton Christensen’s theories of disruptive technology, illustrating examples of overreach in his conclusions and “cherry picking” in his case studies that served as the basis for the development of his theory. Inasmuch as “disruption” is now creating turmoil in the public education “marketplace”, it is unsettling to read that much of Christensen’s theory was based on flawed premises… but premises that seemed to be true at first blush and also played to the latent belief that many voters have regarding the causes of poverty and the ineffectiveness of large corporations (or governments) to address complicated problems as effectively as technologically…

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