Palestinian-Israel conflict and Academic Freedom


Dispatches from the Underclass has a post up on academic freedom and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

I clicked on the link to the letter, and the part about the union’s collective bargaining agreement stood out:

“institutional discipline or restraint in their discussion of relevant matters in the classroom…” [the CBA prohibits]   “explicit or implicit threat of termination or discipline for the purpose of constraining a faculty member in the exercise of his or her rights under such principles of academic freedom.”


“Teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to their subject.”

This was clarified later with the following:

“The intent of the 1940 statement is not to discourage what is “controversial”. Controversy is at the heart of the free academic inquiry which the entire statement is designed to…

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