The Koch Brothers’ Gifts to Higher Ed Come with Many Strings Attached


The New York Post recently ran a story by Carl Campanile under this headline: “College Liberals Spurn $10M Gift from the Koch Brothers.” Mitchell Langbert, a faculty member in the Business School at Brooklyn College, had been in extended discussions with the Koch Brothers Foundation about establishing a “financial center” within the Business School.

When the Brooklyn College administration decided to reject the gift, Langbert asserted, “’It’s political correctness. It’s intolerance about anyone who doesn’t toe the left-wing line.’”

I am not going to pretend that Progressives have anything but disdain for what the Koch brothers represent—that Progressives have any less bias toward Far-Right ideologues than those ideologues have toward Progressives. But as Langbert himself must know, there were much deeper issues at play in this discussion and decision than simple political bias.

The Koch brothers, the Walton heirs, and others classifiable as both ultra-wealthy and politically Far Right have…

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